ŇThey examine the applications pretty strict, but I am going to try for it hardÓ


Camp at Warrenton Junction VA

[Tuesday,] April 19, 1864


Dear father,


I thought I would send this to you to give to Clara for I think it will be safer.


My love to you all.


Your affectionate son,

Peter L. Dumont


Read if you wish


Dear Clar,


I am well at present and hope these few lines will find you all at home the same.  I have just received my warrant and I will send it home for I am afraid it would wear out in my pocket.  This morning we all, that is to say all the Boys, in our Regt was sent for to be examined for the navy, but I was not examined for my Papers had not yet come.  I will have to go again tomorrow morning.  They examine the applications pretty strict, but I am going to try for it hard.


There is a report in Camp now since this morning that we will move on Friday, but I donŐt know how true it is.  We have been getting ready for it for a week past.


Last evening I was out playing ball and I went to catch it and it struck me on the end of the little finger and today my hand is so lame I can hardly use it.  The doctor excused me from duty this morning.


As there is not much news to write, I will bring to a close and write again soon.  Take good care of yourself and little ones.  Give my love to father and mother, sister and brother, and may heaven bless you all.


From your husband

With love,

Sergt. P. L. Dumont.