Camp near Potomac Creek, VA

Thursday [should be Tuesday] April the 14th, 1863


On the move, orders to start tomorrow morning with eight days rations, rumor going across the river again, Cavalry is on the move for the last two days and they say they are going across the river.  “I have sent all your letters back for they was to [sic] much for me to carry if we did not have to march I would not send them anyway I have taken a good deal of pleasure in Reading them over when I was lonsome [sic] and sad.  Mr. England took them he has been down to see his sons he starts for home tomorrow morning he keeps a shoe store on Genesee Street.”  Paymaster came but did not pay them off.  God bless her and the children until they are reunited.  Got a letter from “my sister Mally”.  Can’t get his picture taken as she wished because there is nowhere to do it but he would like to see hers and the children’s.  “Tom has got to take his gun and go with us But I don’t think he can stand it long.” Lengthy closing.