Camp near Potomac Creek, VA

Monday April 6th, 1863


[letter has small crimped seal, no color, hard to tell what it is]


Got her letter saying she is well and he is too except for a sore eye he got during a snowball fight between Co. A and Co. H.  Even the officers were throwing snowballs.  We had orders today to prepare for a review to morrow [sic] by abraham [sic] Lincoln  the Cannons fired like everything to day and I suppose he had just arrived.  They are still in the same camp.


I have copied a letter to day for your amusement it is supposed to be written [sic] by some young Lady that once lived in Fredericksburg but got married and went to new Orleans and she made a promise with a female friend of hers to let one other into their first night Experience of married life.  I would like to know if the Girls at the north feel the same.  I kind of think it is something similar. I send it to you to Laugh over and when you have read it you can let some of your females [sic] aquiaintences [sic] read it.  But I would like you should keep it for some day if I live I would like to have a laughing spell over it myself.  Please write and let me know what you think of it.  Maybe you may think I was foolish in spending my time with such stuff but I thought it might tickle you some to read it.  I call it quite a treat you might give it to mother to let father read it if you think best I will leave that to your judgement.  Glad to hear she is well.  I cant [sic] think of much to write so I guess I will close giveing [sic] you in the care of the almight ywho is wathing [sic] over us all oh how much I love you now I Realy [sic] Beleive [sic]  if I should see that I should Kill you with Kisses the longer I am away onley [sic] tends to Increase your Loveliness to me I was told before I was married that Children increased the Love between Man and wife and I Beleive [sic] it is so for I would not part with neither of you for ten times your weight in gold oh that this Cruel war would onley [sic] end How Happy we Could onely  [sic] live because I always thought you Loved me and that is all I can ask.  I pray Every night for you and my little ones that god will soon join us together again in Happiness good by My Dearest and onley [sic] loved one.  Write soon your Husband Pete.