Camp at Warrington Junction

April 1st 1864


Navy papers he was expecting have not come and sometimes he thinks the Colonel never forwarded them.  Discusses how anxious he is to get in. The Colonel is back with the Regiment and having target practice and Battalion drill.  Describes changes in the Army of the Potomac and their Division is now one Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Ayres.  Sykes has command of the Corps and the men don’t like him leaving because he “had become endeared to them as a father”.  They are now in the third brigade of the first Division and the Fifth Corps under Major General Warren and he is not well liked.  Went down to the railroad and had his picture taken to send back.  “You can see by this that we have to go almost bare headed” because the Colonel makes them “ware these Scull Caps on the Crown of the head affording scarcely any protection to our head”. Getting hard tack again.  “Everything seems to be preparing for a terrible conflict as soon as weather will permit”, soldiers passing toward the front daily on cars.