ŇThey say Gen. Grant is down here to put the Army of the Potomac in motionÓ


Camp at Warrenton VA

Friday, March 25, 1864


Dear Clara,


I received your welcome letter last evening and I was glad to hear from you.  But I am afraid Ida is going to be very sick before she gets well again.  I canŐt tell what makes me think so, but I have felt so some time.  My health at present is very good and the next news I hear from home I hope will convey the same tidings. 


I am here yet, I donŐt know how long it will be before I get my papers, I am expecting them every day.


You spoke about the wagon and sleigh being used so bad.  Well, never mind, I shall not find fault with you about, but if George has got my watch you might as well make him a present of it first as last, for he will never offer it back to you again until it is good for nothing.  You see, I know him of old.  But I am not telling you of it to find fault, for I can easily imagine how you feel whenever they ask you for such things.


I am glad to hear that Tom has got home and I hope he will be satisfied to stay there now for a while.  I think I should if I were in his place.  Maybe he will tell some pretty good stories about me, but he cannot say anything to hurt me if he tells the truth.


I heard about DimblebyŐs losing their child some time before I got your letter.  I suppose they must feel pretty bad about it.  Tell me if Ida knowed Tom when he come home.  Poor little thing, how bad I do want to see her.  Take good care of her and donŐt let her get too sick if you can help it.


The letter before this I sent you 20 dollars.  I merely mention so if it does not get there you will let me know of it.  I have sent you 3 letters with pictures in them of Generals and I have reasons to believe they are lost for you donŐt say anything about them.  Whenever I send you anything and you get it, I wish you would merely mention it so I will know whether you get it or not.


I am in strong hopes I will be transferred into the navy but I am in hopes to get your opinion of it before my papers come back.  I am looking for a letter from you today. 


The sick were moved away from here today.  I suppose we are under marching orders but the weather at present will not admit of our moving.  They say Gen. Grant is down here to put the Army of the Potomac in motion and will review it in a few days.


I have no more news to write at present so I will bring my letter to a close.  Hoping to hear from you soon.  Take good care of your health and our little ones.  Hoping this may find you all enjoying the blessing of life.  May heaven bless you all.


From your affectionate husband,

Sergt. P. L. Dumont

Co A 146

N.Y Vols

Garrard Tigers


A kiss [inside a box]


This lace for Ida and my love to all