“My papers came back to the Regt., they was not made out right, but they have gone back again”


Camp at Warrenton Junction VA

[Tuesday,] March 22, 1864


Dear Clara,


I am well at present and hope these few lines may find you all the same.  We have just been paid off and I thought I would send you this check as soon as possible.


My papers came back to the Regt., they was not made out right but they have gone back again, and I guess this time they will go through.  I shall be expecting to go now every day.  I don’t know what you will think, but feel assured that I will try to do everything for the best.


They are making preparations to move and the talk is in Camp that we will break Camp tomorrow.  But I have not heard it from an official source, so I cannot place any confidence on it.


I have no more news to write so I will bring my letter to a close.  Hoping to hear from you soon again.  Oh, take good care of yourself and our little ones and I will try and do the same wherever I may be.  Give my love to all enquiring friends and relatives and may God bless and protect you in your loneliness.


From your affectionate husband,

With love,

Sergt. P. L. Dumont


Many kisses


Give this lace to Ida, it came out of a cigar box