Camp at Warrenton Va

Monday March 21st /64


Has been busy and lots of excitement “we have been Expecting Stewarts Cavelry [sic] to make a Raid here and have Been Preparing to meet him Diging [sic] Rifle Pits & entrenchments & have had everything Removed so if he was to Strong for us we meant to Skedadle & Burn everything around us  But I think the Excitement has nearly died away for things are going on as usual again.” 


He was afraid he would miss the opportunity to apply for the navy so he went ahead and did it without her consent.  If she knew how he suffered with the long marches and heavy loads she would understand.  He sent his application to army Head quarters and is waiting for a reply.  But since he’s an officer he doesn’t know if they’ll let him go. 


He is glad she did better this winter than he expected.  “If Mr. Hart keeps up his Promise in the course of a year that little will amount to a great deal in time.”  Talks about wanting to go home.  Loty says he should answer her letter but he didn’t get one.  He got one from father and she had written a few lines on it  “But then if she thought anything of me I don’t think she would wait for me to write for She has more time and a Better Place to write in.  But I suppose her time is otherwise Occupied at Present.”  There is heavy booming of cannon out in front just starting.  He doesn’t know what it is.  Closing. 


“A kiss to you and the little ones.  I will send you a piece of Poetry written for the soldiers it is very true.” Enclosed copy of “Soldiers Letters” poem, Daily Chronicle, Thursday March 17 1864. Reverse includes theater schedule for “New Fords Theater, Tenth Street above Pennsylvania Ave.