Camp at Warrenton Junction

March the 16th 1864


The weather has been cold but usually it is so warm it makes a fellow feel a little lazy.  He has read in the papers that by an Act of Congress Seamen can be transferred into the navy.  About 1500 will be taken from the army and he wants to serve out the rest of his time there. “Consider the heavy marches & the loads we have to carry day after day & the Broad Canopy of heaven to Shelter us at night with mother earth for our Bed and Pillow.”  It seems like the navy would be preferable.  Plus he could end his service 2 months earlier and make more money.  Someone in the regt was in the navy for a year and has two thousand dollars prize money coming.  But Peter won’t do it without her permission. 


He is sending more pictures.  He thinks he saw Jackson when he was first taken prisoner and he was buried while he was in Richmond.  He’s probably foolish for sending them but he wants to send her something.  He hasn’t been able to make too many pictures this winter because they are too busy.  James Handwright is very sick and Fletch is acting as orderly.  “Both our Company Commanders are on furlough Curren of Utica has ben made Lieut Col & Armstrong has resigned & gone home.”  Closing.

Sketch of man in uniform with note:  “Captain Durkee of our Company wounded at Chancelorsville  One arm gone”