Location: Camp on Potomac Creek, VA

Date: 03-10-63

Tuesday March 10th 1863

Sends a detailed drawing of soldiers drilling in camp under a flowery archway with an A, eagle, and banner, with the note: "Co A 140 Regt NYSV". Says they have been fixing up the camp. They were measured for a Zouave uniform. "Most of the boys swear they will never wear them big pants but millatary [sic] power can make a man do almost anything down here." They don't want to buy new uniforms because they are expensive and his current clothes are in good shape. Some of the boys are workiing on "them forts" which are almost done. Spring has come but it makes him sad to be away from home and today it's snowing. They have orders to go on picket again soon and he hopes it won't be as bad as last time. Tom wouldn't let him read Julia's letter, probably "on account of that lot of money and that turkey." Tom complains of a pain in his breast and doesn't do much duty; "all the boys call him a dead beat on the goverment [sic] because he looks healthier than he did when he came down here." He has a new acquaintance in the Regiment: "[bates?] tylers Brother". Tyler was wounded in the Battle of Fredricksburgh and is hospitalized. Peter saw Sarah's brother: "He has got to be a great big man and as grey as a rat."