Camp at Warrington Junction Va

Saturday March the 8th 1864


Just got back from Rail Road guard and was glad to get her letter and hear that she is well as he is.  He is getting fatter every day. 


Ňoh Clara I felt as if I could desert my Regiment and come home when I read your letter although you donŐt say anything about it very plain  I can see by the way you write you have not been treated as one of the family or with Proper Respect.  Have you become a slave to them that are no Better than yourself  The idea of your staying at home & taking Care of kates & hanks children while they attend weddings [sic] & places of gaiety.  Oh it almost makes me crazy & mad I donŐt know how or why it is  But Hank has always been treated by our folks better than any of the family & his life has been one of the Blackest & most notorious that has ever been in Utica.  Almost everyone knows it yet see with what Respect my father has treated me & you to what he has treated them.  I almost believe if I had of married one of the worst whores in Utica she would be treated with More Respect than what you have been  But Dear Clara I am satisfied with you & am happy  in the love which I think you bare [sic] for me.Ó  Talks about how much he loves her and he wanted to cry when he read her letter but he couldnŐt because of hate and madness.  Wants to get home to comfort and protect her from this cruel world.  Wants to come home to cheer and comfort her.  God will protect her, he is praying for her.  He tries not to cry because he is a soldier.  He probably shouldnŐt have written to her but he was so upset.  Still needs to know if she got the 20 dollars he sent.  Closing.


ŇP.S. when you write to me of any of your troubles or trials & afflictions DonŐt Say anything in your letters to me to encourage desertion for I have felt sometimes as if it would not take but a little to make me Desert & in case I was caught the Punishment would be to Horible [sic] for me to endure.  P.D.Ó