Camp at Warrenton Junction Va

Feb 20th 1864


Glad she is well, he is too but the boys all have bad colds.  It’s the coldest weather he’s seen Virginia and he almost froze to death in his bed.  She wanted to know what he does on a regular Sunday and he describes today’s routine of getting up with the drums, roll call, build a fire, make breakfast of “dried apples sauce fried pork coffee & Bread”, wash hands and face, comb hair, “wrote a letter for Charlie”, and expects to go on picket in the afternoon.  He got a letter from Charlie and it was a curiosity because it has drawings.  She asks what he heard about Sarah and it was something before she was married, something about her & George Keiser but he doesn’t pay attention or think anything of it. 


They still haven’t seen the paymaster.  “There is a great deal of talk here about the 146 reinlisting [sic] they talk about 11 hundred dollars & thirty days furlough.”  Many in other regiments have reinlisted:  “that thirty day furlough has a strong effect upon most of the army around  such is their desire to see home once more that they Sacrifice most all their life time her for the Purpose of Spending a few days with those they love at home.”  Closing.