Camp at Warrenton Junction Va

Friday Feb the 11th 1864


Got her letter and Joey’s and glad all are well as he is.  Fighting is quieted.  They had 200 killed, missing, or wounded.  Took some prisoners but not as many as originally thought.  Hopes war will end in July as she says but they try not to get their hopes up too much.  “I will not believe that [major? Mayor?] if I was in your place for I cant see how a man can go to wasington [sic] & get such a position without doing some thing more for the service than recruiting”.   She said Julia was upset that Tom didn’t send money but maybe he didn’t get it.  They are owed money.  Why doesn’t Clara get upset when Peter doesn’t send money.  He should get $68.  In a few days he will have been in the service 18 months.  Fletch went out on picket and came back sick.  Their duty is less, which is good because they hardly had time to wash clothes.


Joey writes that this cruel war has taken all she had to live for but “she will learn a lesson that many has had to Suffer for what this Cruel war has done how many Bitter tears have been shed.  How many families have been broken up  how many Children have become fatherless.  How many widows have this cruel war left with large families to support & no means to do it with.  We cannot even advance a Picket line without causing Sorrow in some northern home.  I have been Right in the face of the enemy where there has been heavy fireing [sic] & see the men look at one another in wonder if they shall ever get out of it alive or not.  Perhaps while they are yet talking they would be launched into eternity  all have their hope that all may end well  But many  very many  are doomed to Bitter disapointment [sic] for we cannot move toward the enemy without Somebody’s life must [crossed out “pay the”] Be Sacrificed. God speed the day when this Cruel war is over & when Peace and Quiet is restored all over the land.”


Doesn’t blame her for trying to get all she can: “If you can get 2 dollars a week from Baker I think this is nobodys Business but your own & then the City subscribed a large amount for soldiers families & I believe you come under that heading.  Perhaps you will need all you have and more two [sic] before I get any pay again.”  Some say they won’t get paid because they are paying large bounties and the treasury is exhausted at Washington.  He doesn’t know if it is true but she had better prepare for it. Lengthy closing written sideways across the last page of writing.