Camp at Warrenton Junction Va

Saturday Feb the 6th 1864


Has been out on Rail Road guard for 2 days, very sleepy.  Heavy cannon firing in front of them from early morning until dark.  Hopes it will die down otherwise they’ll have to head out in the mud into battle.  Prays for dead on both sides.  Doesn’t feel those at home have as much sympathy for the dead as those in the field who “are used to seeing death at wholesale & every day”.  They just read the numbers and don’t think any more of it. Last night they took 7 guerillas and one was a major.  All were sent to Washington.  “I am glad that Cone & Stanford is arrested & I hope all may get what is comeing [sic] to them.  I heard that Stanford was up some time ago for defrauding the govrment [sic].  I shall never forget how he cheated Jake’s wife out of that money  it was Shameful & most Disgraceful act to take the advantage of a woman in her situation”.  He often thinks of it because they were dear friends.  “I have heard some things about Sarah Since I have Been down here But I would not Believe it for all the world if they had sworn to it.  I think she thought to [sic] much of Jake to ever disoner [sic] his name.”


He doesn’t know when the paymaster will come.  He wants to come home so bad but takes comfort in looking at their faces.  He knows Willie won’t know him but thinks Ida will remember.  Lengthy closing with sketch of Zouave with gun.