ŇI am glad that Cone and Stanford is arrested and I hope all may get what is coming to themÓ


Camp at Warrenton Junction VA

Saturday, February 6, 1864


Dear Clara,


Your letter was just received and I was glad to hear from you and home.  I have been expecting one for two days past.  My health at present is good and I hope these few lines will find you all enjoying the same blessing.  I have just returned from railroad Guard and I feel somewhat sleepy, but I could not go to bed without writing to you.


I have been absent from the Regt. 2 day on guard.  This morning early there was heavy cannon firing in front of us.  What it means I cannot tell, for there are a hundred rumors about it.  It only ceased late tonight, long after dark.   Some say the army are advancing but it is hard to tell.  I hope it is not so, for I donŐt care about sleeping in the mud at this time of year.  The roads are muddy.  It is raining tonight. 


I am in hopes at morning everything will be quiet in the Army of the Potomac, for if the fight should continue again tomorrow morning we shall have to go.  There has been dreadful hard fighting today somewhere.  God have mercy on them that have fallen today, for I know many have fallen on both sides.  I donŐt believe the folks at home have as much sympathy for the fallen as we that are used to seeing death at wholesale and every day.  I can imagine what they say and think (there has been another Big Battle fought with the Army of the Potomac, so many killed, so many wounded, and so many missing) and this is the last they think of it.


We took seven Guerillas.  Amongst them was a major.  They was sent on to Washington today.  It has been pretty quiet around her of late. 


I am glad that Cone and Stanford is arrested and hope all may get what is coming to them.  I heard that Stanford was up some time ago for defrauding the government.  I shall never forget how he cheated JakeŐs wife out of that money.  It was a shameful and most disgraceful act, to take advantage of a woman in that situation.  I often think of it because she and Jake were what I would always wish to have dear friends of mine.  I have heard some things about Sarah since I have been down here, but I would not believe it for all the world if they had sworn to it.  I think she thought too much of Jake to ever dishonor his name.


I donŐt know whether we are going to get paid off or not.  We are on the 4th month again and no signs of paymaster yet.


Oh Clara, how home sick I have been this week.  Sometimes it seems I would give the whole world to get home for a little while.  But the pleasure is denied me.  But I have one consolation.  I can look at your dear faces once in a while, if there is no life in them.  The thoughts of Willie makes me feel bad sometimes, for I know he will not know me if I am permitted to return to my home once more.  But I think Ida would know me.


As it is getting late I must close.  Hoping to hear from you soon.  Take good care of yourself and little ones.  Give my love to father and mother and all enquiring friends.  My prayer shall be tonight: Our Father, which is in heaven, guide and protect us all now and evermore.  Good night.


From your husband ever until death, good night

Sergt. P.L. Dumont


A kiss, the best I can do now.


[sketch of Zouave soldier with gun]