ŇI was at the hospital about 2 or 3 hours and in that short space of time I saw about 20 bodies carried alongÓ


Camp near Potomac Creek VA

Monday, February 2, 1863


[letterhead of eagle with shield and banner, red, white and blue]


Dear Clara,


I am well at present and hope these few lines will find you the same.  I went down to the general Hospital as I agreed to yesterday and found Tom looking pretty good to what he was when he left here.  He seems to be about well only he is very weak.  He was tickled most to death to see me and those things from home.  He says he thinks he will live now.  He has got all his things now and them 2 dollars he has got also.


Poor Lumbard, tell his wife I found him in a sad state.  He canŐt get off of his bed anymore.  I did not hear from there since they have been there until yesterday or I should of wrote about them before.  Tell his wife I gave him a couple of letters sent down by me and if she thinks of coming down to see him she will find him at the general Hospital on Wind mill Point about 2 ½ miles from Acquia Creek Landing.  George Wheeler is getting as fat as a pig and he feels tip top.  He says he is satisfied Uncle Sam has got to pay him 13 dollars a month for doing nothing.  Tom Wheeler sent a dollar by me to give to him.


I had a good excursion yesterday and it will do me a great deal of good.  I was around Acquia Creek about half a day, bought some apples and pie and cake, cheese, and warm biscuit but mind you we had to pay for it. 


Besides having a bully ride on the cars there and back again, I guess I was at the hospital 2 or 3 hours and in that short space of time I saw about 20 bodies carried along.  There is about 5 thousand in the hospital at that place.  Everything is comfortable, clean, and neat.  Every one has his own bed to sleep on made of iron and about 3 feet from the ground with plenty of blankets to cover them.  They have a Christian society meet there most every night, praying and singing for them that wish to hear them.


My Sergeancy commences with the first of this month so you see I am getting 17 dollars a month now.  Oh, how I did wish when I got on the cars yesterday that they wouldnŐt stop until they got in Utica.  But wishing, Dear Clara, is of no use.


I havenŐt got much time to write today so I will come to a close.  Remember me to those at home and give my love to all.  Take good care of yourself and my little ones for my sake, and may God bless and protect you my only loved and cherished one in this world.


From you husband

Peter L. Dumont

4th Sergeant Co A.


A kiss to all

Goodbye for the present until you hear from me again