Camp near Falmouth VA

Friday, January 30th, 1863


Received the box  she and Julia sent in good order but can’t send anything to Tom.  He took all his things out except half the turkey and nailed it back up and brought it to the doctor who said there was no sense in sending it because it might be sent half way then sit for six months.  He got to have a long talk with the doctor who said “Tom went away from here with the remitant Fever and was turning in the Typhoid and if he got over that down here in this climate he would be lucky and his chances were better for going home than if he got over it than they were for coming back here again”.  Apologizes repeatedly to Julia: “I would rather he would have them all if I could onely [sic] get them to him than ever taste a bit myself rather than ever be blamed afterwards the things are all in the box nailed up yet except my part hoping that I will yet get a chance to send it to him but I think I will risk that money in a letter to him tomorrow.”


Got six inches of snow but won’t trouble her with his troubles because she probably has enough of her own.  He is very healthy now.  “We got paid off last night after dark and I will send you 40 dollars in allotment Papers one of them is from my tent mate mr Joseph Corrigan and he wants you should keep it 6 or 7 days or untill [sic] his aunt Mrs. Margaret Corrigan calls for it he will write for her to come there and get it.  She is in Clayville and he thinks it is the best way to get it.  Toms money cant be got now they tell me untill [sic] next Pay day with them Checks I send by Mr Deming.  I also send a [Port monic?] taken from Frederickburgh [sic] with some catriges [sic] and musket caps”.  She can take the check to the bank, the money he had coming was 30 dollars and 30 cents so she can see he has 10 dollars left, discusses other money.  Lengthy closing.