Location:  Camp near Potomac Creek, VA


Date:  01-27-63  (letter says 1862)


Tells about doing laundry and how some of the men have lice from not keeping themselves clean.  Says he looks about the same but not as fleshy and white.  Fletch cut Peter’s hair and there was  a lot of gray.  Worries about ever getting home due to sickness and the battlefield, perhaps he shouldn’t have enlisted but it’s too late now.  Maybe God sent him there for a reason and he will “look with Bright hopes for the future”.  Talks about gloves, socks, pants, and shoes.  Says he doesn’t think he’ll be made an officer although they told him he’ll be made a Corporal which will relieve him of a little extra duty.  Asks about family members.  Wants to come home.  Describes men being buried without coffins or ceremony.  Talks about generals being “beastly drunk”, General Warren could barely sit on his saddle during a march.  Licor” has been given out twice and he gave his away.  Thinks they are going to move again.  Asks God to watch over the family.