Location: Camp on Potomac Creek, VA

Date: 01-17-63 (letter says 1862)

Got the money Julia and Clarinda sent, took it and bought tobaco [sic] with it but he can't give Tom his money because Tom has gone to an unknown hospital with "the Black toungue" [sic]. The order is now that they will go in the morning in light marching orders. The opinion is they are going in another fight. They got extra rounds of Catriges [sic] and are going to leave the tents where they are. The 5th New York [Zouaves] are going to occupy their hospital for 7 days for their sick. He comforts Clara with religious references and then says "I would gladly come back if I onley [sic] could but I am in a tight place just now....Take good care of your self and the Children for my sake and I will try to do the same for yourn [sic]. God bless and Protect you my onley [sic] loved one untill [sic] I see you again. Kiss my little lambs for me as often as you can." Adds a page with a poem and postscript.:

"As I walk the sentinel's midnight beat

I think thou art always nigh

My prayers and thoughts are all of thee

My only love good by (original) "

"P.S. The statement of Capt. [More? Could be Cone?] is a correct one. There is no boards to be got. To make a coffin of the one I made for Jacob [Breish] was of 3 hard tack boxes fastend [sic] together by poles under the bottom. Wesley can tell you all about it better than I can in this letter. P.L.D. There is a good many buried without coffins."