“Peace be to his ashes”


[from John W. Breish to Peter L. Dumont]


Tuesday, January 6, 1863


Kind and benevolent friend,


Allow me the liberty of writing a few lines of thanks to you for the kindness you have shown to my departed brother.  How can I thank you enough for your kindness?  I received your kind letter last night and you can easy imagine what painful feelings it caused in the family.  May God repay you for your kindness is my sincere prayer.


I have been to see your folks this morning and they are all well and were glad to hear from you.  They received a letter from you last night.  They say they get your letters all the time and they write to you as often as they get one.


Dear friend, will you be kind enough to give me a little information concerning my brother?  If I went after him could I get him without great trouble, would I be allowed inside of the lines (military)?  But I think even if I went and could get him, he would not keep as the weather is so warm.  It would take from 8 to 10 days, after being buried 6 days.  I have considered the thing over and thought it best to leave his remains there, peace be to his ashes. 


I wish you would be kind enough to write to me again.  If you do,  if I can in any way benefit you I would gladly do it.  If I can, please let me know it.  I am under the greatest obligations to you.  But I must come to a close.  Hoping and praying that God may spare you, I close my letter and remain,


Yours ,

John W. Breish