Camp at Warrington Junction

Sunday Jan 5th [may be 3rd] 1864


Was glad to get her letter and hear from her “But at the same time it brought News which I did not wish to hear that was about yourself & mother  But I am in hopes this will find you all well again  I am in hopes you have Received that money long Before now because it was to [sic] much for us to loose [sic].”  She shouldn’t have sent him all the money she had and he doesn’t want her to do that again because she might need it.  He is in the same place but hasn’t had time or an ax to put up a shanty.  James [Handwright?] went home on furlough and he hopes he will stop to see her.  “I hear that the Orders has been given to stop these ten day furloughs on the account of So many Reinlisting [sic] into the Veteran Corps & so many are leaving the armey at present.”  He told Jimmy to tell her how hard it was to get a furlough so she wouldn’t think he didn’t try.  He almost begrudges others who do get a furlough.  Mr. Edic is still in the guard house for overstaying his furlough but he did give Peter everything she sent.


“I forgot to tell you we had another Execution in Our Division about Chrismass  it was a Deserter He was taken out about One Oclock  the Division drawn up in Line So all could see him & a few minutes afterwards a number of balls Pierced his Breast  I was Spared the painful Sight for I was Sergt of guard that Day & was left to guard the Camp  Onley [sic] me & three men on guard was left in Camp.  Last night I drawed a picture by Candle Light & I will send it to Ida tell her how her Pa wears such Clothes  Fletch is in Command of the Company for a Couple of days & I am acting Orderly in [Handwright’s] place.”  The weather is very cold but strangely there’s no snow.  They have had 5 or 6 die suddenly in the past 3 weeks and they can’t tell what it’s from:  “I think it is with Exposure to the weather  you see we have to be Out in the cold & Rain & all kinds of weather & we keep a cold all the time  you must take good care of that leg of yours or you may have a Bad one of it”.  Hopes Mother and all are well by the time she gets this letter.  take good Care of the little ones & don’t let them freese [sic] to death in that Old Shanty”.  Closing.